Hi my friend.

Welcome on my blog – I hope you are doing well.

My hair which has been totally unstructured over the past weeks, as well as my natural colour which I have not changed for over one year now, were both for me two parts of the same story I wanted to refresh.

So I visited my favourite hairdresser (Skalp Blond) in Lübeck the last Friday to get a new cut and a fresh colour. We decided not to make an extreme colour change because, in the beginning, I wanted to get black or dark brown hair to feel the difference. But then we decided on just a bit darker colouring which still is considered as blond and which looks pretty natural. At first, I was a bit disappointed that we will not have the fabulous „Carrie Bradshaw“-colour-change from the movie after Big abandoned her at her wedding, but now I am happy that we used a brighter colour because even this tone makes my skin look much more white. And we all now that a bit of a Snowwhite look is beautiful but too much is simply too much and makes a bloodthirsty looking creature with white pale out of us.

The cut is more a transitional solution because my aim is still to let them grow till my chin and to get a straight cut then.

But growing needs time …

Do you have any plans for your hair this year? Tell me on Instagramdirect or by mail.

XOXO Hannes

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